Check out my Non Profit pet,’s 2nd Annual Skydiving for Kids Event

Let it buffer completely and then watch the AAwesomeness!

Final numbers were actually OVER $10,000!!

Every year thousands of children are diagnosed with catastrophic diseases that can be fatal – but they don’t have to be. There is a fantastic opportunity to save these children by utilizing the technology of experimental treatments. The problem is most major medical insurance does NOT cover even a small bit of the cost and by the time families are given this option it is financially too late. We can provide these children with that life giving 2nd chance by simply funding the treatment!

If you are a parent, you know what it’s like to have a sick child whether it be for a simple cold or chicken pox. During the time the child is in the hospital, many parents are unable to be with them. Reasons vary from having to work to maintain health insurance coverage, siblings to take care of, and financial concerns arise almost immediately. Doctors and nurses become the parents and support system for the child. This is fundamentally wrong. Mom and dad should be there. We can provide these children with Love by simply funding their parent’s travel and living costs!

Thirdly, we believe a positive experience leads to a positive recovery. To give a sick child a wonderful gift lightens their hearts and strengthens the spirit. To give a child joy is perhaps the greatest healing one can offer. Dream Factory does this. We are proud to support their mission to help a child experience their childhood despite health related troubles.

All monies donated this year, 2012, will be given equally amongst the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta supported in part by Aflac, and Dream Factory of Merrimack Valley. While in some circumstances we are able to give locally, in others we have found it difficult to have our donations accepted by local organizations due to the extreme nature of our event. Know that 99% of children receive care far from home, and research benefits all.